Supplying & Taking Hand/Footprints

Supplying Prints & Editing Images

When ordering personalised gifts that include a hand or footprint, it is your responsibility to ensure that the image you supply has been edited and is of high quality ready for personalisation.

We recommend providing your customers with inkless wipes to easily take handprints and footprints, ensuring all the fine details are captured. However, hand and footprints can also be taken using prints taken using child friendly non-toxic paint.  Please ensure that if using paint, black or any other very dark colours are NOT used.  We also recommend that you edit these images to ensure that any smudges or imperfections are removed and as a result a high end finish is supplied.  The image that you send us is exactly how it will appear on the product, so please only send us the image you would like us to use once you are entirely happy.

Unfortunately, we do not have time to select the best images for you.  Therefore, please do not send us all the prints from your customer.  This will delay your order as you will be asked to edit and re-send a single print.

We would suggest your use a free software package to do your editing such as Corel Photo, Pixlr Editor, or

Please find below instructions on how best to edit the prints to ensure a high quality print:

Collecting your prints:

– Ask your customer to scan and e-mail the images to you.

– Save a copy of the image to the relevant file on your computer.

Editing the prints and creating a negative image for engraved products:

– Open the image in your chosen editing software package.

– Remove any background, blemishes or surplus images using the eraser tool.

– Convert the image to greyscale: Adjustment > Greyscale

– Now adjust the brightness and contrast of the image, to make it sharper.  To do this select: Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.  Adjust as necessary to achieve a sharp finish.

– Invert the colours to create a negative.  You can do this by selecting:  Adjustments > Invert Colours.  If your image still doesn’t look clear, you can select:  Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast again to achieve the clearest/brightest result.

The aim here is to achieve a detailed white print on a black background.  The greater the contrast between the two colours the better.   Be careful not to compromise on the detail of the print when altering this.

– Save the image as a jpeg.

– Attach the saved image when placing your order.

Once you have done this a couple of times it will take you just minutes to edit each print.  Always ensure you save your edited images, just in case your customer wants to make subsequent orders using the same prints.

An example of an edited print for engraving:

                                                                              Engraved example